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The Incredible Birds of Indonesia

With all of the magnificent green areas, wild intact forests and really pleasant climate, Indonesia represents a really amazing home to numerous wonderful species of birds. Some of them can only be seen in this part of the world and they are one of the most important natural treasures of this country, especially when we talk about the numerous endangered species.

In this article, we present to you some of the most exquisite bird species of Indonesia. Let’s check them out!


Indonesian Birds of Paradise


Birds from this family definitely can be referred to as the most amazing birds on our planet, and lucky people of Indonesia are the ones who have the opportunity of seeing some of them often since some of the really exceptional species live there. Below you can read more about our favorites!

·       The Red Bird of Paradise

Red Bird of Paradise - Birds, Indonesia

Red Bird of Paradise – Birds, Indonesia

Lesser Bird of Paradise – Birds, Indonesia

One of the prettiest birds on our planet, belonging to the near-threatened group of birds, the red bird-of-paradise (Paradisaea rudolphi) can be found in the area of lowland forests. It has the size of about 33 centimeters (and up to 72 cm in case of male birds) and an amazing distribution of colors on its body – from the yellow and brown external feathers, all the way to the almost fluorescent red inner side of the wings and dark green and white area of the head. Interesting fact that speaks enough about this bird is that it’s featured on one of the Indonesian official rupiah banknotes.

·       Lesser Bird of Paradise

Also known as Paradisaea Minor, this bird has no more than 32 cm in length. Depending on the sex, adult birds may have either a dark-colored head with a body plumes in yellow and brownish shades (female birds) or yellow head with a green throat, with a longer tale in lighter shades (in the case of male birds). The places where it can be found are pretty diverse – from the forest edges and secondary growth, all the way to the lowlands and hill forests, as well as the swamp forests.

·       Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

Ribbon-tailed Astrapia – Birds, Indonesia

With the tale plumage that is tremendously long when compared to the size of its body, this species of the paradise birds (Astrapia Mayeri) is maybe the most interesting for observation. The male bird’s tail is white and it can be up to three times larger than the body that is usually 32 cm long. Ribbon-tailed Astrapia is considered as an endemic species and it still isn’t seriously endangered as some other species of the paradise birds in Indonesia, even though it does not have a large population.

·       Jewel-like Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Jewel-like Wilson’s Bird of Paradise – Birds, Indonesia

You’ll see it flying above the lowland rainforests and you’ll be enchanted by its stunning looks. No, it is not a rainbow; it’s vividly colored 21 cm long paradise bird. The plumage of a male bird resembles a wonderful fan in red and black shades, whose neck has the intensive yellow color. You will also figure out it is Wilson’s Bird of Paradise by the bright blue part on its head and its bright green mouth and purple tail feathers in the interesting form, rounded in different directions, in a way resembling jewels, as its name suggests. Female birds usually have their body plumage in brownish colors. The best thing about this bird is that you can easily say it in the night sky since its colors look really bright, almost magically fluorescent.