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The Incredible Birds of Indonesia


Fascinating Indonesian Parrots


If you are looking for the place where the most interesting parrots hide, Indonesia is one of the best options for you, especially when it comes to the islands of Maluku, Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara. Some of the most beautiful parrots of this area are, unfortunately, endangered. However, they can still be seen and the ones that will blow your mind with their picturesque fluorescent shades are:

  • Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot

    Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot – Birds, Indonesia

Visually, this pretty loudly-singing parrot is one of the most interesting ones, because of its special combination of really bright body plumage and bright blue shades in the area of its head.

  • Great Hanging Parrot

    Great Hanging Parrot – Birds, Indonesia

Based on the looks, the best friend of Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot is Great Hanging Parrot, who’s also mostly covered with bright green plumage, but with some red and orange plumes, as well.

  • Palm cockatoo

Palm cockatoo – Birds, Indonesia

This little fellow is pretty different when compared to the previous ones. You may notice he doesn’t look as friendly as the other ones because of the specific “hairstyle” (the feather on its head stands uprightly and makes it look taller). Its plumage is darker and it is usually colored in dark gray and black, with some reddish areas on its head.

  • Blue-streaked Lory

    Blue-streaked Lory – Birds, Indonesia

This is another interesting type of parrot that can be found in the area of Indonesia and what makes it incredibly interesting is its plumage that offers a great contrast of red and blue shades. It is also known as blue-necked lory.

Exquisite birds from the other families

Rhinoceros Hornbill

Rhinoceros Hornbill – Birds, Indonesia

First of all, if you find yourself in doubt whether this impressive species is a bird at all, that’s okay. We’ve been there, too. Being a bird whose upper part of the bill resembles a nose makes it pretty special and it always fascinates tourists. An interesting fact related to this amazing bird is that you can tell its sex by looking into its eyes – the female birds are white-eyed and the eyes of the male birds are in darker shades, usually in dark red or brownish color. Another fun fact about Rhinoceros Hornbill refers to dark yellow and orange tones that are characteristic for older birds.

King Cockatoo – A long living bird

King Cockatoo – Birds, Indonesia

King Cockatoo is a bird that is famous for its long life, which is basically as long as a human life. It can live for more than 60 years! Impressive?! The areas where you can find it usually are the monsoon and shrub forests – all of them under the altitude of 1520 feet above sea level. The areas of Indonesia where you can try to look for them are the islands of Nusa Tenggara, Lombok, Sumbawa and Sulawesi. It is usual for these birds to live in groups, so chances that you will see them alone are really low.

Bali Starling – The Trademark of Bali

Bali Starling – Birds, Indonesia – Birds, Indonesia

The gorgeous Bali Starling, characteristic for the area of the woods in the western part of the island of Bali and scientifically known as Leucopsar Rothschildi, is a beautiful endemic snow-white bird with the dark tips of the wings and it is about 25 centimeters tall. It is the only species that is considered as the endemic in the area of Bali. Starting from the year of 1991, Bali Starling is the fauna symbol of this island.

Cekakak Forest Bird – The Loud Singer

This vividly colored bird whose species can be found in the area of Indonesia represents a real contrast to the Bali Starling when it comes to their “outfits”. In addition to that, cekakak has a really unique (and extremely loud!) voice that can be heard mostly in the woods (as its name suggests). However, even though it has a pretty loud and powerful voice, it is a pretty shy bird, so don’t expect it to stay still in front of you if it notices that you are observing it.

Cekakak Forest Bird – Birds, Indonesia

Now, if we tell you that all of these stunning birds are just some of the pieces in the incredibly large puzzle of the spectacular bird species that can be found in Indonesia, would you believe it? It may seem unreal for all of these incredible species to be located in such a small area but guess what – it is true, and maybe the best way to figure out how magnificent birds of Indonesia can be is to pack your things and start your exploration as soon as you can!