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Enjoy scuba Diving in Indonesia and its amazing spots

Having in mind that Indonesia is a country that owns one-fifth of the world’s coral reefs, as well as six hundred coral species and more than three thousand species of fish, this amazing place that spreads between Australia and Philippines, from the South Pacific to Borneo is undoubtedly one of the best places for water sports activities and especially free diving.

Ideal timing for diving in Indonesia

Even though many people think of the following fact as a joke, ideal timing for diving in Indonesia is literally – anytime! No matter what part of the year it is, at any moment you will be able to find at least several amazing spots to start your free diving adventure.

Since the country is really diverse in all of the possible aspects, general precise guidelines cannot be given that easily, but all of the popular diving areas of the country have their own services that will provide you the information about the places where you can get the most amazing diving experience.

Scuba diving, Indonesia

You will not be influenced only by the climatic conditions and part of the country that you want to visit, but also by your very own preferences related to the type of diving that you are looking for, so before you decide to visit Indonesia because of diving, think about types of underwater activities you would like to participate in.

Ways of diving in Indonesia

Having in mind the type of diving activities that you prefer, you can choose between two most common options:

·      Liveaboard cruises

Sea Squirts – Scuba diving, Indonesia

This type of free diving in Indonesia is the best option for all of the people who are more interested in having a vacation on a cruise than on the land. The advantage of having a vacation right above the water is that you can spend more time exploring the sea, no matter whether you are diving or not. The most amazing liveaboard tours may take you from the island of Bali to National Park of Komodo, or all the way to the West Papua and the Banda Sea.

·      Staying in a resort

Luckily, if you are afraid of living aboard during your vacation, you can also spend your non-diving time in some of the majestic resorts that are offered in the coastal area, so that you can be accommodated near the finest diving places.

The best free diving areas in Indonesia

Thorny Seahorse – Scuba diving, Indonesia

Komodo National Park

In the National Park of Komodo, which is the island where various myths and legends related to dragons come from, you will be able to enjoy the amazing underwater world. Scuba divers are enchanted by this place since its waters abound with colorful submarine sceneries and exciting underwater species, including sharks, mantas, and dolphins.

·       When to dive in Komodo?

You will have the best conditions to free dive in the area of Komodo from April to November, according to passionate free divers in this area. August is definitely the best period for doing it, but at the same time, during this month, crowds in this area are unavoidable. During the other parts of the year, from October to March, diving in this area can be a bit tricky since plankton blooms may decrease the visibility. This is especially noticed from December to February.

West Papua – Raja Ampat

Mandarin Fish – Scuba diving, Indonesia

These parts of Indonesia offer liveaboard charter boats that are working during the entire year. In some cases, some of them may stop providing their services from October to April because of the heavy rainfalls. On the other hand, during these months, Mantas can be seen pretty often, because in this area, the temperature of the water does not change a lot, although it is a relatively humid area of the country.

One of the most impressive and unforgettable places in this area is definitely the Triton Bay, which is a destination that is commonly included in the liveaboard vacations that consist of visiting the Banda Sea or Raja Ampat. Enormously large schools of fish, turtles, colorful coral coverage and forests of black coral are only some parts of its thrilling underwater flora and fauna.

North Sulawesi

Barracudas - Scuba diving, Indonesia

Barracudas – Scuba diving, Indonesia

The northern area of this impressive island is also the place where you can be diving during the entire year. The best conditions for doing that you can get in Manado and in the National Park of Bunaken. These areas are supposed to be visited from March to October, and pretty similar to Komodo, July and August are the peaks of the season, especially because this is the ideal time for spotting critter in Lembeh. You should not expect ideal conditions for diving in the area of North Sulawesi from November to January.


The best timing for free diving in the area of Bali is the period between April and November since during this period you will have the best opportunities to enjoy the sights of mola mola, sharks, and manta rays. Manta rays are especially easily seen from April to June. Through the rest of the year, Bali officially has its rainy season, and underwater visibility is decreased, but if you are brave enough, you can still have your submarine adventure since the overall conditions for doing it are still pretty good.

Moray eel – Scuba diving, Indonesia