Indonesian food – Flavors of Indonesia

You would better get your taste buds ready when coming to Indonesia. The variety of mouth-watering cuisine is almost limitless since the country is boasting of the most colorful foods in the world, full of intense flavors. If you are the rice lover, you’ll especially enjoy your journey to Indonesia.

This can be traced from its rich cultural background of more than 300 ethnic groups. The location of the country in the tropics also means that they never fall short of ingredients leading to more recipes that you would bother to count. Therefore, it is no wonder that the country is listed in the TOP 50 countries with most indigenous foods in the world.

Satay for sale from an Ubud street vendor – Food, Indonesia

Some of the most delicious typical Indonesian meals that you must taste if you get the chance to visit this food paradise are Indonesian Satay, Fried Rice, Beef Rendang, Pempek, Nasi Uduk, Sweet Martabak, Indomie, Sop Buntut and Nasi Rawon.

Tumpeng - Food, Indonesia

Tumpeng – Food, Indonesia

Tumpeng, which is the national dish of the country, was officially chosen by their Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. However, the staple food in the country is Sago along with wheat, potatoes, cassava, and maize. Additionally, anyone who cares to look will not miss the vast rice fields and well-stocked marketplaces.

Food variety in Indonesia


Variety of food tastes in Indonesia mostly originates from different indigenous ethnic groups who had their own typical ways of food preparation. Once they mixed their methods, some of the best meals were prepared. Even though Indonesia is known as the country of rice, there is a wide variety of tastes which are also based on the usage of wheat, meat and fish, spices, coconut milk and various vegetables. If you are wondering how these ingredients became commonly used in Indonesia, you should keep on reading!

The Dutch brought the wheat

The wheat in the Indonesian food cuisine was inspired by the Dutch and the Chinese through trade and during their time under colonialism. The most common meals in Indonesia (and probably anywhere else in the world) based on the wheat usage are the instant noodles.

Indomie – Food, Indonesia

The food is very cheap going for as low as 25 cents. The unique thing in Indonesia is the mixture of the noodles with the hundreds of different flavors typical for this country.

It goes without saying that wheat is also used to make bread and other bakeries that have grown to be the preferred alternatives for breakfast.

Typical vegetables in Indonesia

There is a wide variety of vegetables in Indonesia, ranging from kangkung, papaya, ginger, spinach and cassava leaves. These are used as stews for dry foods such as wheat and wheat products.

Stir Fried Brocolli, no oil – Food, Indonesia

There are also some vegetables such as kecipir and tomatoes, which are eaten raw. It is also common that some vegetables are boiled with bitter lemons and mixed with meat to create a delicacy such as Sop Buntut.

Meat and fish

The most common kinds of meat eaten in Indonesia are beef and goat meat. Given that the majority of the country’s population is Muslim, you can be sure that they are not big fans of pork. This is inscribed in their Halal dietary laws. As you would expect in a land with its variety of spices, the meat can be cooked using various spices or coconut milk, which is commonly used to make the popular lamb meat or rendag. In addition, you will find some exotic game meat and some more unusual meals such as frogs and snakes; which are the meals borrowed from the Chinese.

Lamb Rendang – Food, Indonesia