Mosquito cover - insects and scopions, Indonesia

Part 2 of 4: The Most Dangerous animals in Indonesia: insects and scorpions

The most common scorpions in Indonesia belong to this family of scorpions. There are more than 30 types of scorpions from this family, but they are pretty similar so it is not an easy job to identify them. All of them are mostly black, heavy, and they are most comfortable under the rocks and logs.

Considering the fact that they are some of the most aggressive scorpions, you will be surprised to read that they are pretty popular on the pets market of Asia. The fact that explains this phenomenon is that they are really similar to another, more friendly type of scorpions, named African emperor scorpions, that are considered as calm and nonaggressive. Because of their resemblance, people may end up buying the „evil“ Asian Scorpion instead of a lovely African one, so if you are thinking of having a scorpion as a pet, just be sure that you have chosen it carefully, or you may end up in a really bad company.

Chaerilus Scorpions

Compared to their Asian-forest colleagues, scorpions from this group are pretty smaller and have the weak venom, so they are not that dangerous, although their stings can be uncomfortable.

Chaerilus Scorpion – insects and scopions, Indonesia

There are various scorpions from this family and some of them that can be easily found in Indonesia are the leaf litter scorpions, the cave scorpions, and the forest scorpions. Some of them don’t have eyes (such as leaf litter scorpions) and some of them do (cave scorpions).

Australian Rain Forest Scorpion

Australian Rain Forest Scorpion – insects and scopions, Indonesia

Even though its name probably will not really make you worry since it is referred to as an Australian scorpion, the truth is that this 3 inches long scorpion is commonly found in Indonesia and it is one of the largest species of Indonesian scorpions.

Its body is colored into dark brown and black shades and it is also known as Liocheles waigiensis. In the most of the cases, the venom of the Australian rain forest scorpion is not really dangerous since it is pretty weak.

Whip scorpion (Whip spider)

Whip scorpions – insects and scopions, Indonesia

Also known as Sarax yayukae, this species cannot be classified neither as a real scorpion nor as a real spider. They are also known as vinegarroons, and the thing that does not make them real scorpions is the fact that they do not have a venomous sting.

Their size may vary, but they usually are not longer than 85 mm, nor shorter than 25 mm. Whip scorpions use three pairs of legs for walking and one pair represents their sensory organs. This species usually is not active during the day and it hides under the rocks and leaves.


Even though most of the people consider all kinds of exotic insects and scorpions as pretty dangerous since you will have the opportunity of bumping into lots of them in Indonesia, it is not bad to remember that some of them really can’t hurt you or be fatal for your life. On the other hand, even those that can threaten you probably won’t do that if they are not provoked, so in most cases, as long as you are careful, you are safe as well.

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