Part 3 of 4 – The most dangerous animals in Indonesia: the big ones


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Part 3 of 4 – The most dangerous animals in Indonesia: the big ones

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With more than 500 animal species spread across more than 17 000 islands, Indonesia is one of the countries that have experienced real blessings of the climate and geographical conditions by having a rich and diverse wildlife.

In addition to the fact that Indonesia can brag about some really unique species inhabited on its islands, it is not unusual that amongst 500 different types of animals this area is the home of some of the most dangerous ones, as well. Therefore, we have decided to explore the wildlife Indonesia and introduce some of the most dangerous animals that can be found (or better not found) in the wilderness of Indonesia. So, let’s start elaborating our results.

The king of dangerous land animals: The Komodo Dragon

Portrait of a dragon – Most dangerous animals in Indonesia


Well, if you have ever spotted these „beauties“ during your exploration of Indonesia, then you surely know why we decided to put the infamous Komodo dragon on the throne of the dangerous animals that can be found on the land of Indonesia. You can’t miss this creature since it is not a dangerous animal only by its lifestyle, but it also looks pretty dangerous – with its long flat head, bowed legs and huge fat tail, it certainly will not leave the impression of a friendly animal.

Komodo dragon – Most dangerous animals in Indonesia

This strong, scary, muscular animal has a several-million-year survival history behind itself. It fought for its survival during radical climate changes in the area of the Lesser Sunda Islands and during its evolution it succeeded to reach incredible 3 meters of length and weight of more than 130 kilos (136, to be precise!).

It is estimated that in the area of Komodo, Gila Motang, Rinca and Flores there are approximately 3 to 5 000 Komodo dragons. However, this number was even greater in the past. Natural disasters and human influence caused the death of a large number of these giant lizards, so they are not only a dangerous species that you should stay away from. At the same time, they are also an endangered species.

Don’t underestimate the elephants!

Beautiful elephant – Most dangerous animals in Indonesia


Even they may look pretty clumsy and friendly in their chubbiness, Indonesian elephants can be pretty scary and dangerous. Approximately 2.7 meters tall, with the weight of about 4 to 5 tons, Asian elephants are the second biggest animal on our planet. Yes, it is true, they do not look intimidating but mostly shy so you would not expect them to confront with humans, but you can never be sure that it is not going to happen. And you better don’t, because there are two critical moments in the life of elephants when they will not hesitate to attack you.

There are two types of situations when elephants will not be in a friendly mood.

The first situation when the attack may happen is during the musth phase. During this hormonal change that occurs only to male elephants and represents an occasional state of the heightened sexual activity followed by aggression, elephants should definitely be avoided. When it enters the musth phase, the male elephant has its level of testosterone higher than normal up to 60 times and he does not really choose the victim of its aggression. It may attack another elephant, human being, or even an object.

Other circumstances that influence the elephants’ aggression are actually typical for all animal species. Both male and female elephants will forget about their size and their weight and will not hesitate to attack you if they feel that you are threatening their babies. As simple as that.