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Top 10 Places for Surfing in Indonesia

Ornamented with stunning and easily approached beaches splashed with crystal clear warm waters, with its 95 thousand kilometers long coastline, Indonesia is, undoubtedly and naturally, one of the most popular places for surfers. No matter whether you are a beginner in need of surfing lessons or professional surfer craving for adrenaline, you will definitely find your perfect spot in this part of the world.

To help you narrow down your choice, we selected some of the most attractive destinations in Indonesia when it comes to surfing, at the same time separating them into surfing areas ideal for beginners and surfing areas for professional, well-skilled lovers of surf.

Top 5 Places for Beginners’ Surfing in Indonesia

Pacitan (Java)

Pacitan – Surf, Indonesia

This paradise for travelers who are willing to improve their surfing skills has always been popular as a weekend hot spot, since it is situated about 5 hours away from Yogyakarta. This means that you can have an adventurous trip by scooter with a couple of breaks on your way, or if you want a more relaxed experience, you can arrange a car drive from Yogyakarta and it usually doesn’t cost more than $20 – 25.

Teleng Ria is the beach ideal for your first surfing lessons. You are recommended to look for Harry’s Guesthouse, where you can find a bilingual instructor of surfing. In this area of Java, you can also find some more demanding places for surfing that are only recommended to professional surfers.

Batu Karas (Java)

Batu Karas – Surf, Indonesia

Light waves splashing the Central Javanese coastline are the perfect reason for all of the surfing beginners to start their lessons in this area, where they will be able to enjoy beaches that are not really crowded but offer pleasant atmosphere and medium waves, ideal for beginners.

One of the best surfing places for beginners in Central Java is definitely Batu Karas, that is commonly mentioned as the Little Bali of Indonesia. It doesn’t only offer adequate waves, but also some really nice locals where you can recharge your energy supplies after the lesson, with tasty Javanese food that can be served right there, on the beach.

Batu Karas can be reached from Jakarta and Bandung thanks to their bus lines. Although the drive lasts around 10 hours, it is pretty worth it, since the ticket is pretty cheap (around $120) and your experience will be unforgettable. You can also fly to Batu Karas from Jakarta if you are willing to pay $120 for a return ticket. In this case, you should know that there is only one flight a day.

Selong Belanak (Lombok)

Selong Belanak – Surf, Indonesia

Another perfect destination for all of the people who want to experience the beauties of surfing on easily caught waves, but are not experienced enough is Selang Belanak on the island of Lombok. Not only will you be able to take some surfing classes in the beautiful waters of turquoise sea, but you will also have the opportunity of enjoying the view with mountainous peaks in the background, walking across the endless beach with white sand.

Kuta (Bali)

Kuta, Bali – Surf, Indonesia

Even though Bali is a really popular destination and the chances are that all of the places adequate for beginners’ surfing activities will be crowded. However, surfers who learned how to surf in this area usually recommend not to skip this visit just because of that, because no matter how crowded places are, especially when it comes to visits to Kuta.

And why to choose Kuta? Well, that is easily explained. Area of Kuta offers you the safest experience since it is not surrounded by reefs and corals, and usually it is not the case with the other Balinese beaches. There you can also arrange surfing lessons that will be provided by bilingual instructors from the specialized surfing schools working in that area.

Batu Bolong (Bali)

Batu Bolong – Surf, Indonesia

In this area, for beginners it is possible to get some basic practical knowledge about surfing medium waves with a longboard and when they get tired of it, they will be able to enjoy some of the various restaurants and areas for children to play, meaning that Batu Bolong is not only a perfect place for surfers, but also for family vacations. Usually, you can find boards that you can rent or sometimes even buy, and there are always native people around who may give you some tips or free lessons.

Top 5 Places for Professional Surfers in Indonesia