Oolong Tea cover - Indonesia

A cup of tea in the Indonesian style

Being in the top of the list of the favorite beverages around the world (next to coffee), Tea tasty pleasure is another treasure of Indonesia since in the area of its islands Indonesia has pretty stable temperatures with the ideal humidity for some great types of tea to be cultivated. Before we focus on the types of Indonesian tea that are widely known and consumed, let’s peek into the history of the origin of this exquisite plant!


How did tea appear in Indonesia?

Tea Harvest, West Java – Indonesia

Like coffee, tea is another plant that doesn’t have origins in Indonesia and was brought in this area by the emperors. Tea is cultivated in Indonesia thanks to the Portuguese and Dutch influence.

While conquering the European areas, the Portuguese expanded the consummation of tea, but the ones who made tea a really popular beverage were the Dutch. In order to grow its supplies, they brought it from China to their tropical colonies (including Indonesia) and strongly stimulated its cultivation.


Tea Cultivation in Indonesia

Pagilaran Tea plantation – Indonesia

Nowadays, besides China, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka, Indonesia is one of the leading tea producers and it is not a surprising fact since the tea production represents a labour-intensive process and Indonesia abounds with people willing to work on tea plantations.

Difficulties during the transportation of tea due to poor infrastructure and labour costs actually are the two main elements that have the biggest influence on the price of the tea in Indonesia. Costs of the labour are the result of the complex harvesting processes that cannot be automatized due to poor technology and has to be performed by hand.

The areas of Indonesia that are the most dominant in the production of tea are Central and West Java, as well as North Sumatra.


Types of Tea Cultivated in Indonesia


Indonesia is widely known as the country of black tea, but this type of tea is not the only one produced in its area – there are also some plantations of other types of tea that will be mentioned below. Obviously, not all of the tea types have the same quality – sometimes the same type of tea can range from low-quality to finest, that can be compared with the exquisite tea of Sri Lanka, for example. The largest amount of tea supplies in Indonesia is intended for export.

Black Tea

Black Tea Tasting Cups – Indonesia

As its name says, Black tea is the type of tea that usually has a dark-colored leaves even though it can be found in golden or greenish color as well. This tea is one of the wide-known types of tea not only in the Asian areas but also all around the planet. Even though it is usually considered as the strongest tea, with the larger amount of caffeine compared to the other types of tea, it can be really mellow and not as bitter as green teas, depending on the quality of their production.

If you are willing to get to know more about tea cultivation and want to explore the tea plantations of Indonesia, you can do it in the wonderful areas of Gibuna, Taloon, Santosa and Malabar plantations.