Wildlife in Indonesia: Overview about the nature and animals

Indonesian wildlife may thank its incredibly fortunate position in the Asian continent and geological benefits of the area, Indonesia is blessed with the impressively diverse beauties of nature. No matter whether we are talking about its rare herbal species or different animals living there, Indonesia can offer possibly the most stunning wildlife that you can see on our planet.

Introduction to wildlife in Indonesia

Newly planted rice, Bali – flora and fauna, Indonesia

Exploration of its impressive scenery, starting from the rich terraces of rice located in the area of Bali and Java islands, all the way to the wild jungles of Sulawesi, Sumatra and Borneo, is the unique experience for every traveler who enjoys observing these wonderful gifts of nature. Savannah grasslands of the Nusa Tenggara and snowy mountain peaks of West Papua will leave you breathless, introducing you to an entirely different world.

Two-Horned Rhino, Java – Wildlife, Indonesia

On the other hand, the fact that its amazing flora will blow your mind does not mean that the fauna of Indonesia does not have anything interesting to offer. On the contrary! This incredible country is a home for various unique animals, from the prehistoric giant Komodo lizard, orangutans, and the Javanese rhino, to buffaloes and birds with exquisite feathers, such as cockatoos or paradise bird.

Paradise bird. – wildlife, Indonesia

The flora and fauna of the country are usually observed having the Wallace Line in mind. This “line” spreads between the islands of Bali and Lombok, continuing to the north, between Sulawesi and Borneo, and it divides wildlife and vegetation based on their characteristics:

  • Wildlife and vegetation on the western side of the Wallace line belong to Asian species
  • Wildlife and vegetation on the southern side of the Wallace line belong to Australian species

Anyway, vegetation in different areas of the country varies in accordance with altitude, rainfall etc.

Parts of the country that are more humid, such as the islands of Borneo, Sumatra and Papua are abundant with forests that are rich in exotic fruit trees and timber. In the process of the preservation of flora and fauna, national parks have an important role. Forty-four national parks of Indonesia protect endangered species and at the same time offer amazing ecotourism opportunities. Some of these parks require professional guides so that you can enter them, some of them don’t, but anyway, having an expert beside you while exploring these areas may help you a lot.

Divine flora of Indonesia

Botanical gardens, Bogor – Wildlife, Indonesia

Stunning herbs and plants of Indonesia are owed to the benefits of the area where this beautiful country is located. Since the country has got a really warm climate, its vegetation is impressive. Great representation of the richness is the well known Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Its flora offers numerous unique tropical plants in the most diverse forms and shapes. The diversity of plant species in Indonesia made people use them in their everyday lives, therefore, more than 6.000 species are directly or indirectly exploited by native people.

Even though we are living in the modern times, native people from the Indonesian villages still use these plants to produce traditional herbal medicines, or as an inevitable part of different kinds of ceremonies and traditional activities.

The most interesting plants

Amorphophallus Titanum – Wildlife, Indonesia

If you think that plants cannot occupy your attention in the way animals do, then you certainly haven’t seen our following candidate for the most interesting plant in the area of Indonesia: Nepenthes represents the type of plants that are usually found in the western areas of Indonesia, and they are famous as the plants that trap the insects.

In the area of Sumatra, you can also find a giant plant named Amorphophallus Titanum, which is the largest flower in its family of the plants.

Diversity of Indonesian orchids

One of the most popular and impressive plants growing in the area of Indonesia that belongs to the family of orchids is Rafflesia Arnoldii, which is the world’s largest flower that can only be found in the specific areas of Sumatra.

Rafflesia Arnoldii – Wildlife, Indonesia

It is a parasitic plant usually located on lianas, but it does not produce leaves. Tiger orchids with their edible leaves are frequently used by native people and villagers, as ingredients of natural medicines or crafts species.

Trees and forests

Various trees are another treasure that Indonesia can be proud of. The ones belonging to the dipterocarp family are well known for its wood resin, vegetable oil and the illipe nut, also known as tengkawang. Gonystylus tree provides high-quality timber commonly used in furniture manufacturing. Other valuable forest products are sandalwood, ebony, and Palembang timber. Javanese men can be proud of the teak, which is a common product of their forests.