Cost of living in Indonesia

Most of the people who love to travel and discover different places all around the world know that their wishes are not always the most critical factor when it comes to choosing their next destination. More probably, their Bank has the last word when it comes to making this decision.

Will you have a luxury vacation while staying in a top rated hotel with a private beach?

What about staying in a coastal cottage located in a village, without electricity, with local people?

No matter what your decision is, Indonesia can offer you literally everything, and we are here to show you what the cost of everything is. Vacation in Indonesia may be both cheap and expensive experience, depending on your wishes and budget.

Currency and conversion

One of the most important things for you to know is that Indonesian currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR or Rp). You should keep track of conversion changes.

For 1 EUR you can get approximately 15.775 IDR.

1 USD will get you about 14.148 IDR.

How to get Rupiah?

Rupiah, Indonesia

There are several ways of getting Indonesian currency and all of them are pretty simple. You can get it both before you come to this country and after your arrival. Exchange offices, banks and ATMs are some of the most popular and reliable solutions for that.

  1. If you have cash and don’t have the opportunity to convert your official currency to IDR in your own country, you can exchange euros or dollars for IDR once you arrive in Indonesia, at any of the currency exchange offices.
  2. You can also get IDR by the usage of ATMs, and you will minimize the transaction fee if you get the maximum amount.

Important information: There are some newer types of ATMs which will eject your card before ejecting the money, and you should take your card as soon as it is ejected. If you do not do that, it will be sucked back and you will have to have the machine opened, which can be a pretty problematic experience if you are at the airport or in a mall.

In addition, you should be sure that you have an additional supply of cash, just in case, because ATMs, especially ones in tourist centers, can run out of money.

How much does eating in Indonesia cost?


Cost of a restaurant, Indonesia

If you are hungry and not looking for some fancy restaurants, you will be able to have your meal for about 1.57 EUR. The average price of the meal for two which includes three courses served in a mid-range restaurant is 9.43 EUR. McMeal at McDonalds or similar combo meal would cost about 2.51 EUR.

You can have 0.5 liter of domestic beer for 1.57 EUR or 0.33 liter of imported beer for 2.83 EUR. Regular cappuccino can be ordered for 1.55 EUR. Coke and Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) cost about 0.43 EUR and a bottle of water (0.33) is 0.18 EUR.

Home-made food

Cost of eggs, Indonesia

If you decide to prepare a meal by yourself, you will have to visit some of the local markets. It is good for you to know that 1 liter of milk costs 1 EUR. A pound of fresh white bread (one loaf) costs 0.82 EUR, and one kilo of white rice is about 0.15 EUR cheaper. You can get 12 eggs for about 1 EUR.

One kilogram of chicken breasts can be bought for 2.61 EUR, and you can add some cheese to it if you are ready to pay 6.41 EUR per kilo.

Cost of apples, Indonesia