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The 12 Most Important Festivals of Indonesia

Indonesian people are considered as one of those nations that pay a lot of attention to their traditional routines and therefore, Indonesia is the country of numerous both vivid and colorful festivals that are held during the entire year.

Most of the festivals are followed by special ceremonies and they are mostly related to the religions of the people of Indonesia, but there are also some national festivals celebrated by all of the people regardless of their religious beliefs.

Below, we will describe some of the most important and most popular but also the most important celebrations in the calendar of Indonesia. Maybe it is not a bad idea to organize your trip to this beautiful country while having in mind its greatest traditional, religious and cultural events since you will certainly enjoy participating in their celebration.

National and entertaining festivals

Independence Day of Indonesia

Independence Day of Indonesia

Every August, the 17th, the streets around the country are covered with garlands and Indonesian flags to commemorate the anniversary of the country’s independence. Through various parades, the archipelago recalls the time when the country’s first president, General Sukarno, declared a new state formed by former Dutch colonial territories in Southeast Asia in the year of 1945. During this time, numerous public institutions, especially public schools, organize adequate performances.

Bau Nyale Fishing Festival

Lombok is definitely the hot spot of the country in the period of the Bau Nyale Fishing Festival which is usually held in February or March. A large number of people come from all over the country gathers to have a look at the first nyale (worm-like fish) caught during this really popular fishing event. The caught fish is immediately prepared – it is roasted in the leaves of banana.

Bau Nyale festival – Indonesia

At the same time, there is another festival in the same area. Native local people from the Sasak ethnic group gather to a ceremony that shows respect to a mythical princess who killed herself by drowning in order not to avoid political marriage.

International Jazz Festival of Jakarta

International Jazz Festival of Jakarta – Indonesia

This Indonesian festival that is usually held at the beginning of May and lasting three days is one of the greatest music festivals of Indonesia and one of the most important and most popular jazz festivals not only in the country but in the entire Asian continent. During these three days, Jakarta becomes a real music paradise that gathers some of the most popular and most quality musicians from all over the planet.

Asmat Cultural Festival

Asmat festival – Indonesia

In order to preserve the cultural heritage of Asmat tribe from Papua, this festival that is recognized and listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is an important event for the culture of the entire country. During this festival, you can explore the art of woodcarving and get some impressive insights related to this spiritual artistic expression that will guide you through the history of the people of this interesting tribe. If you visit this amazing event, you will also be able to enjoy original dances, traditional musical performances and also participate in the auction of the woodcarvings and other artistic works.

Krakatoa Festival

Krakatoa Festival – Indonesia