Lovely smile in Jakarta

As the capital city of Indonesia, located on the northern coast of Java, Jakarta is usually used as a gateway to other tourist destinations in the country. With more than 10 million inhabitants and people who work in Jakarta so they go back and forth the different city’s districts all the time, it is one of the most crowded areas of the country.

This noisy, bustling and chaotic place will make you feel pretty lost once you step on its ground, but you will learn how to go with the flow really fast, especially if you decide to tour the city using the public transport, because Jakarta’s got really well implemented bus lines.

At this point of the article, readers who love places like Barcelona, Prague or Vienna have probably stopped reading. However, if you are still here, you must be the kind of person that enjoys cities like Delhi or El Cairo. So, the thing is – maybe these places are not as popular as those listed above, but they are definitely fascinating and, actually, Jakarta has some really beautiful places that we will cover later.

People of Jakarta


Kids in Jakarta, Indonesia

Probably you have read this in every single travelling article, but Indonesians are truly nice people. Even in a place like Jakarta, which may not seem especially friendly at the first sight, people can be really kind and wear an honest smile 24/7. This fact is even more noticeable when it comes to occidental people, probably because natives have not seen that many of them and they seem exotic (so, it is mutual, actually!).

From the little kid that plays in the street to the old lady that is having a walk, every single person will be pleased to give you some indications, sometimes maybe mistaken – because of the language issues, but hey, it’s the good intention that counts.

Luar Batang – Jakarta, Indonesia

As usual, travelling guides advise travelers not to go for a walk through the poor side of the city. On the other hand, Luar Batang, a small port in the suburb is worth it. You can even see, once more, that even the humblest people can have the richest of the smile for you. It’s one of the oldest suburbs of the city.


Museums and culture of Jakarta


Jakarta has many museums and other types of cultural places, but there are some of them which are said to be outshining the others, so, you won’t make a wrong decision if you decide to visit them.

  • The Indonesia’s National Museum, which possesses a lot of Hindu, Chinese, Muslim and Buddhist pieces of art;
  • The City’s History Museum, which will introduce you to the piece of the time from the period when the Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch arrived port of Kepala to trade their loads and ended up mixing their cultures with the locals.

    Shadow Puppet Museum – Jakarta, Indonesia

  • The Shadow Puppet Museum is one of the most attractive places of the city because here you can see ancient marionettes, along with modern ones. You can hear a short story or a tale, spoken by marionettes’ silhouettes, which are created by the specific light projection. They are unavoidable part of the wonderful tradition of Indonesia, and they are even recognized by the UNESCO.
  • Theme park Taman Mini Indonesia was built when the country became independent. Inside you can see a presentation of every Indonesian province, so it’s a good way to visit the entire country for those who can’t really do it.

Monkeys and dragons


Why people who visited Zoo of Jakarta think that it cannot be compared to European ones? Well, the answer is simple – its size and its orangutans!

orangutans in zoo – Jakarta, Indonesia