Experience Java and its stunning beauty

Java as an island of stunning beauty, incredible scenery and spectacular volcanoes, is the most populated part of the Indonesia, with more than 124 million inhabitants. It is surrounded by Sumatra, which is its northwestern neighbor, and Bali, which is the eastern link of this wonderful Indonesian chain. To the south is the Christmas Island, and to the northeast is Borneo.

Where to go in Java?


Since it is an island of great tourist attractions and magical scenery, for the most of the tourists, it is pretty difficult to check out all of the amazing places during their short staying on Java. If you wonder where you should start your Indonesian adventure, let us recommend you some of the hot spots of this impressive island.

·      Buddhist Pyramid of Java

Borobudur – Java, Indonesia

Borobudur Temple, located on the island of Java, with its complex Hindu fanes, is the largest Buddhist temple of the world. Resembling a pyramid shape, it is actually a hill covered with stone blocks.

Borobudur is the essence of Buddhism engraved in stone. Nine levels of the temple symbolize the stages that human life has to go through in order to be rescued. This is a way to purify the soul and reach the state of nirvana – absolute peace and tranquility. A very strong earthquake damaged this temple, but it was soon rebuilt. Today it is a place of pilgrimage.

·      Jakarta and National Museum

Situated next to the main square of the city, Medan Merdeka, National Museum of Jakarta is one of the most interesting and ancient museums not only on Java but throughout entire Southeast Asia. It has rooms dedicated to ethnography, history and prehistory, and it’s collection of archeological findings is truly unique. One of the most interesting spots of the Museum is its library, which is supplied with more than half a million books and all of the newspapers and magazines which were published in Indonesia.

·      Yogyakarta: Cultural center of Java

Mt. Merapi – Java, Indonesia

With almost half a million inhabitants, Yogyakarta is the cultural center of Java and one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, probably because it was first independent capital during the period between 1946 and 1950 – before Jakarta. It lies at the foot of the slope of Merapi volcano and one of the greatest sights of the city is Kraton.

Sultan’s Palace Kraton – Java, Indonesia

If you are a lover of historical monuments, you are going to adore the Sultan’s Palace Kraton, which was founded in 1756 and is located in the heart of Yogyakarta. It represents a small ancient town within the city and it is the main attraction of Yogyakarta. Palace is protected with a four-kilometer long wall, and the best thing about it is that the visitors are allowed to visit a couple of buildings. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter the building of the Sultan’s residence.

·      Surakarta: Center of Javanese traditional arts

With its 650 000 habitants, Surakarta represents the second most important city of the Central Java. It is the center of the traditional arts, which means that if you visit this place, you will be able to enjoy various impressive attractions which can be found in the house of Sriwedari Park, but also in the Palace of Mangkunegaran. Here you can be amused in so many ways, including exhibitions of musical instruments and various unique jewels, which are characteristic for Java.

Mangkunegaran Palace – Java, Indonesia

·      Prambanan: Javanese Temples Paradise

Prambanan – Java, Indonesia