Beauties of Trekking in Indonesia

As the world’s largest country entirely made of a large number of incredible islands, Indonesia is also well-known as one of the countries with the strongest tectonic activity and more than 300 volcanoes, a third of them still pretty active. That is what makes it a great destination for all of the people who enjoy walking. You can trek through the spectacular terrains, swim into crystal mountainous lakes and enjoy a wonderful view from the mountainous peaks of volcanoes.

Trekking through the country is not recommended only because of the stunning landscape, but also because it gives you the unique chance to explore plants and animals of Indonesia, as well as its inhabitants and their culture and tradition, far away from the crowded areas.

The best places for trekking in Indonesia

Mount Rinjani – Lombok – Trekking, Indonesia


Mountainous regions on the islands of Java, Bali and Lombok have some really interesting landscapes and therefore these islands are the most popular when it comes to tourists that visit Indonesia for trekking. That’s why we will present you some of the most famous trekking places on these islands.



The entire island is full of crisscrossed paths that lead through the villages, rice terraces, and temples. They will take you to the most beautiful places near the rivers and lakes where you can swim and refresh. Be sure that you have packed food and water and with you. You should also have your bathing suit, towel, and camera, of course.

Even though there is no real mountaineering in this area, trekking through the rainforests and climbing on the volcanoes can also be a really exciting experience. Some of the most beautiful destinations in Bali that should not be missed are:

·      Bali Barat National Park

Myna bird in Bali Barat National Park – Trekking, Indonesia

This national park is located on the west side of the island and it represents a wild rainforest that is a home to millions of butterflies, birds, huge ferns, orchids and amazing tropical trees. Park can be visited only if you are accompanied by the guide and it may last from two hours to three days. You can also rent a bike or a horse.

·      Gunung Agung Volcano

Mount Agung sunrise – Trekking, Indonesia

This volcano that is 3142m tall, with its large and deep crater in the center, is still active and from time to time you can see smoke and ash coming out of it. Watched from the distance, this volcano has a perfect pyramidal shape. The latest real eruption happened between 1963 and 1964, and from the beginnings of the history of Hindu religion, it was famous as the sacred mountain where the gods live.

On the 900th meter above the sea, there is the greatest and the most sacred temple on the island, named Pura Besakih. In the past, there was a temple of an old religion that respected the cult of the dead. This volcano is also a symbol of the mythological hill of Meru and so-called “center of the world”.

The top of the volcano is reachable and there are various paths to the top, but the most popular path with the most beautiful view leads beside the temple. The best time to start to trek in this area is in the morning before the sun goes out. In the afternoon, the volcano is hidden in the fog. You should have in mind that trekking in this area is an exhausting activity. You have to be in good shape, with comfortable shoes, warm jacket, and a raincoat, in case of rain.


If you are visiting Lombok, don’t hesitate to enjoy trekking through its wonderful areas. You will enjoy one of the most stunning sceneries if you decide to trek all the way to the top of the mount Rinjani.

The Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani – Trekking, Indonesia